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In Water and Sanitation engineering we design infrastructure to store and direct water having looked at the way that natural systems such as rivers behave and considered how water interacts with all aspects of the built and natural environments.

Norken is registered and licensed by the ministry of Water and Irrigation as a consultant for the design and supervision of water, sewerage, irrigation and dam projects. We have experience and expertise in the water and Sanitation field which includes design of water and sewerage systems for the public sector as well as private and donor funded projects.

The key sectors in Water and Sanitation Engineering include:-

  • Dam Engineering
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Urban and Rural water supply and treatment systems
  • Sewerage and treatment systems
  • Solid waste management and
  • Urban drainage and onsite sanitation

Our profile and experience has been built through the provision of the following services:-

  • Water resources management

We have undertaken numerous ground water and surface water assignments in the region. Recent advances in simulations and database management have actively been used in these projects and modern concepts of water as an economic good, demand management and ecosystems approaches are applied to our water resources management models.

  • Water supply development

We cover all aspects of water supply development from water source assignments and intake structures through treatment, storage and distribution networks. These projects range from the smallest village water supply to large schemes for big cities.

  • Waste water management

We also undertake the planning and design of new systems and the rehabilitation of existing sewer systems in urban, industrial and rural areas.

We have expertise to plan and supervise construction of mechanical, biological and chemical processes, as well as sludge handling and stabilization.

Other service areas in this field includes:-

  • Water quality and pollution control
  • Masterplan and manuals preparation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Water conservation and catchment management
  • Hydrological sturdies and geotechnical investigations
  • Water tariff review sturdies
  • Water allocation plans
  • Project management and construction supervision and
  • Feasibility studies and baseline surveys


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Materials Testing

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Appropriate Technology Department

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